Tuesday, February 21, 2017


     Look, here's the bottom line: the '72 Packers are just better than the '72 Browns. Face it, Browns. The verdict is in. Two-out-of-two football games can't be wrong.
     First it was APBA. This time it's Action PC Football (get it here).
     So I've started the '72 season in both APBA and now Action and I can't make up my mind which game to go with. Both have strengths. Both are strong statistically. But both have weaknesses, too. One of these days, I'll blog about my small collection of football games. For now, I guess I'll just keep playing both until a clear winner emerges (and I'll be able to tell that because that's the one I'll keep going back to).
      Anyway, let's have a look at how the game went.
     Things started off very poorly for the Packers. A blocked punt resulted in a TD for the Browns, followed by a MacArthur Lane fumble, setting up a Don Cockroft field goal. 10-0 Browns before my first sip of Gatorade. Here's how things stood at the half.

     A Ken Ellis 58-yd interception return and a Browns' fumble give the Pack two freebie field goals and a long drive culminates in a John Brockington touchdown run. But Lane is the star on the ground so far. The Packers defense is playing lights-out and the green-and-gold are dominating overall, but lead only by 3.
     Turnovers keep the Browns in the game in the second half. But the Packers taketh away as well. Safety Jim Hill picks Phipps twice. And Phipps, well, he'll have better days. Gang Green is tough as nails. Bob Brown and Mike McCoy were standouts on the line. Dave Robinson comes through on a sack. Great defense, a solid running game, and Chester Marcol should form a winning combination for the Packers in 1972. The Browns are no slouches, either, but they could do nothing today.

Packers start off in a quick hole, but slow and steady wins the race.
Browns passing attack: GROUNDED!!
Not glowing stats for either side. Phipps' numbers jump out at you, though.
This is where the action is -- Defense! Big Bob Brown has most of his columns filled in. Charlie Hall has a busy day for the Browns

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